Welcome to my world

Hi, I’m Suresh
a Co-Founder

I am an serial Entrepreneur and an experienced Full stack developer with knowledge in multiple tech stack's. Apart from my love for technical things, I love writing script to short-films/films, travelling and helping out the community both personally & professionally.

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What I Do

Creating Product Studio

Products help people solve their problems. Iam happy to create one such and help the community.

Full Stack Development

As a Full Stack Developer, I work on the frontend, backend, database's, server instances, security mechanisam's and much more.


A creative writer who put the reality on paper/screen with some added fiction.


Travelling is one thing which I enjoys a lot. It helps me to explore new people which opens up for new ideas both personally, professionally.

Blogs & Vogs

Its through my blogs & vlogs I share my knowledge as well as other experiences with people all around the world.


Being a Technology Enthusiast, I love to share my ideas & knowledge with others who are interested in the tech related matters.

Product Studio


Contact Me


Suresh Konakanchi

Co-Founder at Vardaan Solutions

Connect with me via Mail, Call and via Social Media accounts.

Phone: +91 9505228928 Email: [email protected]